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Inside a Leaky House

Since hurricane season is now on us and we are to be preparing our kits for emergencies; I thought I would add this item to your list. TARPS

During Hurricane IKE the flat roof on our apartment peeled back and rain started to leak in.  But instead of just one room getting wet it filled up the air spaces and then started flowing to the back of the house coming out of every light switch, socket plate, door jam and lighting fixture on both floors of the apartment. We had just moved in and part of our stuff was in storage so we were stuck! It would have been nice to have had a few cinder blocks and and some waterproof tarps/plastic sheets to have put over stuff.

Even if you are on the ground floor the water may come through two or three floors above you so you need to be ready.  What can you or would you be able to stack stuff on to keep your belongings dry? What piece of furniture would you sacrifice to keep other things dry?

Possibilites: Card tables, paint cans and buckets, metal chairs, plastic garbage cans, ice chests and wash machines and dryers.

This is the time to think about rising water and water coming through your roof and what you would do. As a side note here we also have had a water pipe in the ceiling break and have had to do the same type of things for it. The furniture sliders (plastic plates) were a life saver here; we moved dressers out of harms way in just seconds.

Keep It Cool

With hurricane season coming how will you keep things cool if  you loose power?

The biggest thing in this fight is planning.  You will lose cool in a freezer in just a few days and if you open it up it will go faster.  Dry ice will help but at some point the big thaw will start. I have known people you have inventoried the contents of the freezer and put it against their insurance deductible, check your policy.

In past hurricanes I have planned several meals in advance and stored all of that in an ice chest. Actually having several ice chest around is not a bad idea, if you plan right you could go a couple of days and not have to open the frig.

Gel packs are a good idea, the Nordic Ice products work well and stay solid a long time. Blocks of ice work better but if you are freezing your own start early  so they are solid when you need them.

If you do get a generator make sure that it is capable of producing the wattage your appliance needs to start its compressor. (That info is probably on a paper tag on the back of your unit.) You will also want to plan around its use so that it will not have to run all the time. Cleaning the coils on your frig will help it work better so you do not have to run the generator as much.