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November 21 Electronic Training

Please view the CERT film – CERT Triage: Handling Mass Casualty Situations  at

and then take the quiz at

Then use the “work sheet” to work these two situations, please use the worksheet at this link  Please post your commets in the “leave a reply box” and please join the blog.   Have a great Holiday.

#13. There is a large explosion in the food court of the mall. A lady that was sitting at a table now has an artificial flower sticking through her cheek and it is coming out under her chin. It did not break her teeth or pierce her tongue.

#13. Leaving the flower in place you control the bleeding.  She is sitting quietly waiting for her ride to the hospital.

#13. Hay una explosion fuerte en el area de comida del Mall. Una mujer que estaba sentada en una mesa, se le clavo una flor artificial en su mejilla, saliendole por debajo de la barba. No le rompio los dientes o perforo su lengua.

#13. Dejandole la flor en donde esta, controla el sangrado. Ella esta sentada tranquila mientras espera ser llevada al hospital.


 #5. A man was hit by a car and thrown from a bicycle. He is responding to your questions and explains that his ankle is sore and that his right arm maybe broken.

He stops talking and capillary refill to his hands is 4 seconds, he has a glazed look on his face.

#5. Un hombre que iba en su bicicleta fue arrollado por un carro, volo de su bicicleta. El responde a las preguntas y explica que su tobillo le duele y que siente que el hueso de su brazo derecho esta roto.

Para de hablar, cuando se le hace la prueba en sus manos, oprimiendo para ver la circulacion, esta es de 4 segundos, y ahora se le ve la mirada brillosa.

This will help with your triage, first aid, incident command and your emergency response.


Triage and Incident Command Practice Worksheet

Name _________________________________

 Status:   Immediate  –  Delayed  –  Morgue

 Why?   Airway  –  Excessive Bleeding  –  Shock/Mental Status  –  Femur – Other

Explain _______________________________________________________________________________________

 Initial First Aid: __________________________________________________________________________________



 Transport to Triage:  Walk   –   Chair-carry   –   Blanket/soft stretcher   –   Backboard


 Status Change:   None  –  Immediate  –  Delayed  –  Morgue

Why? __________________________________________________________________________________________

 Additional Aid: _______________________________________________________________________________


Describe what you would do with the scenario as Incident Commander.

L- Life Safety

I – Incident Stabilization

P- Property Protection









 Emergency Response Guidebook

Hazardous Material:            ___________________________

Guide # __________

ID # _____________

AMJ – 2011

A Car Accident

You are the first on the scene with first aid training what do you do?

One car is off of the road crashed into a fence; both occupants are out and walking about. The father is unharmed and the son who was the passenger has a bump on the right side of his forehead.

The second car is in the middle of the street; the driver, a male, is out and talking on his phone.  A 30-year-old male is in the passenger seat but he was not wearing a seatbelt, the airbag was deployed, he is stating that he cannot see out of his left eye. He is still seated and has not tried to get out of the car.  In the backseat are three children between 10 and 14 years old.  One has bit into their tongue but not a lot of blood is visible the other two are ok; all were wearing their seat belts.

A bystander has called 911.

Start as if you know nothing about the passengers except that those three are walking about.  There are several people standing about who are willing to help. Choose whom you will help first and what kind of first aid you will administer.