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This a homework assignment that Ray with CERT Southwest 74 recently gave; this was my response. The assignment was to create a list for 8 people to go on an 7 day assist.  It was not a graded assignment but a point of discussion. Remember, if you are going to assist at a disaster site you could be going to an area where resources are for the victims, NOT YOU. So you would need to bring everything. Try making your own before you look mine.

Plan for 7day assist for 8 people.

By Mark Johanningmeier


Breakfast – 3 pancake mix boxes large, 1 large oatmeal, 3 lbs of bacon, 3 bx of eggs, 6 lbs of sausage meat/links, 4 gal fresh milk, 1 bx powdered milk, 3 loaves slice bread, 2 1lb jars jam/jelly, fresh fruit (4lbs bananas, 5lbs apples, 5lbs citrus), 1 box raisins, 1bag dried dates, 1 bag dried apricots, syrup, 8 breakfast MRE’s for last day

Lunch – 60 MRE’s for lunch in the field



1+2 – 4 whole chickens, 4lbs of lean ground meat, 1 lb of rice, 2 jars of gravy, 2 bags of prepared leaf salad, 6 packs of instant potatoes, 4 lg canned fruit, 8 cans of veggies, powdered drink, 2 bags cookies

 3+4 – 8 lean steaks, 8 lg baking spuds, 4 cans of veggies, 3cans of peaches/sugar/Bisquick mix, 2 lbs of hotdogs/sausage, 3 packs of buns, 1lb of fresh carrots +broccoli, 2 veggie dips, 4 cans of veggies, 3-2L bottles of soft drink, 1 lb of rice, 8 cans of white beans, powdered fruit drink

5+6 – 8 bx of mac and cheese, 4 lg cans of tuna, 2 cans of peas, 1 lb of rice, 5 lg cans of prepared chicken, fresh carrots, onions, celery, spice packet, powdered tea, 2 bags of cookies

 7 – dinner at Mickey D’s on the way home

Snacks – popcorn for open fires, granola bars, hard candy, s’mores- (gram cracker, marshmallows, chocolate bars),

Staples – salt/pepper packets and shakers, coffee grounds/filters, mustard, ketchup, sugar/sweetener packets, powdered coffee, tea bags, peanut butter, butter, jelly packs, ICE, 3 loaves of sliced bread or bread to slice, cooking oil, Pam, aluminum foil, flour, crackers, soup (cans, packets), baking soda

 Water: planned for warm/hot weather

Drinking – 8 gal in 1 gal bottles, 16 flats of water 35 bottles/flat

2 Igloo 10 gal containers – 1 for base camp – 1 with main vehicle, 3-5gal bottles, sports drinks

Non-drinking – 600 gal for washing and clean up. This would include sponge baths/camp showers and dish washing.

Sleep: 2 six man tents, 8 cots, blankets and pillows if not brought personally,

Fuel: 1 brick of D-cell batteries, 1 brick of AA-cell batteries, 4 gal of fuel for camp stoves, 1 gal for each Coleman lantern, 2 – 40 lb. bags of charcoal, 1 bottle of lighter fluid, @ fuel for 2 vans and one trailer – 1200 mile round trip = 300+ gals of gasoline, extra 20 gal in gas cans in the vans/trucks

 Camp Supplies: 2 tables for eating, 1 table for food prep, 3 – 100 gal ice chest, 8 chairs, 2 pop-up shelters or tarps, 2 camp stoves, 1 lantern, camp shovel, broom, rake, axe, 2 large wet-wipes, 1 large hand-sanitizer, cookware, coffee pot, camp plates and cups/plastic ware – disposable eating utensils, 8 rolls of toilet paper, outhouse supplies, rope for clothes line, dish washing pots, pliers, charcoal grill, matches/lighters, dish soap, towels – cloth and paper, water/bug/critter proof storage containers, assorted shampoos, travel soap, toothpaste, etc just in case, camp first-aid kit, sulfur dust, bug spray, sun screen, pot scrubbing pads, solar shower bags, duct tape, general personal medications, liquid bleach, eye droppers, solar charging docks for cell phones, pens, pencils, paper, fire extinguisher, liquid ammonia,

 This a great preparedness guide from the state of Michigan.

These are camping websites but may help you think about food for an emergency.


Vote For a Training Day

Hi Lakewood CERT, I want you to vote as to which day would be the best for us to train on.  You may pick more than one day but please only vote once.   You have until June 22,2012. Please pick your best two days.

Inside a Leaky House

Since hurricane season is now on us and we are to be preparing our kits for emergencies; I thought I would add this item to your list. TARPS

During Hurricane IKE the flat roof on our apartment peeled back and rain started to leak in.  But instead of just one room getting wet it filled up the air spaces and then started flowing to the back of the house coming out of every light switch, socket plate, door jam and lighting fixture on both floors of the apartment. We had just moved in and part of our stuff was in storage so we were stuck! It would have been nice to have had a few cinder blocks and and some waterproof tarps/plastic sheets to have put over stuff.

Even if you are on the ground floor the water may come through two or three floors above you so you need to be ready.  What can you or would you be able to stack stuff on to keep your belongings dry? What piece of furniture would you sacrifice to keep other things dry?

Possibilites: Card tables, paint cans and buckets, metal chairs, plastic garbage cans, ice chests and wash machines and dryers.

This is the time to think about rising water and water coming through your roof and what you would do. As a side note here we also have had a water pipe in the ceiling break and have had to do the same type of things for it. The furniture sliders (plastic plates) were a life saver here; we moved dressers out of harms way in just seconds.